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Front Nine

Hole #1 – Par 4 | Handicap 12

Depending on the set of tees you play, this risk/reward hole right out of the gate will test your nerve and your skill. Thoughts of driving the green may interest the longer hitter, but favor the left center of the fairway regardless of your club choice for the best angle into the green. A precise iron approach makes this hole a great birdie opportunity.
Black Tee: 388 yards
Blue Tee: 361 yards
White Tee: 341 yards
Gold Tee: 326 yards
Red Tee: 304 yards
Green Tee: 215 yards

Hole #2 – Par 4 | Handicap 4

A moderately long hole that requires a good drive to avoid the bunkers along the fairway. Position yourself appropriately off the tee and you’ll leave yourself a short to mid iron into this large green. Distance control on your approach will be important if you want a chance at birdie on this hole.
Black Tee: 415 yards
Blue Tee: 400 yards
White Tee: 357 yards
Gold Tee: 329 yards
Red Tee: 318 yards
Green Tee: 220 yards

Hole #3 – Par 3 | Handicap 10

Don’t be fooled by the scorecard as this hole has claimed many victims. The long and narrow green requires accuracy and distance control with your tee shot. A near miss on any side of the green can result in a big number, so choose your club wisely.
Black Tee: 194 yards
Blue Tee: 175 yards
White Tee: 158 yards
Gold Tee: 135 yards
Red Tee: 128 yards
Green Tee: 125 yards

Hole #4 – Par 5 | Handicap 6

The longer hitter will be tempted to get home in two, and with a drive positioned down the left side of the fairway, that is a real possibility. For most golfers this is a good three shot hole with a generous lay-up area to a very fair green. Trouble lurks right and left so straight is better than long. Great birdie chance if played to your strengths.
Black Tee: 527 yards
Blue Tee: 511 yards
White Tee: 478 yards
Gold Tee: 415 yards
Red Tee: 401 yards
Green Tee: 320 yards

Hole #5 – Par 4 | Handicap 18

Driver is not required on this rather short hole as position off the tee will leave you the best look for birdie. Favoring the center to left-center of the fairway will position you perfectly for a short iron approach. Another deep green, so distance control is imperative once again.
Black Tee: 379 yards
Blue Tee: 355 yards
White Tee: 317 yards
Gold Tee: 302 yards
Red Tee: 285 yards
Green Tee: 220 yards

Hole #6 – Par 4 | Handicap 14

A seemingly short hole that can quickly go south if you find yourself in the wrong position. This hole plays uphill all the way and will require two solid golf shots to a tricky green. Beware of the grass bunkers lining the fairway as they can quickly swallow your ball. Find the right level on the green and birdie can certainly be had.
Black Tee: 358 yards
Blue Tee: 340 yards
White Tee: 311 yards
Gold Tee: 301 yards
Red Tee: 279 yards
Green Tee: 210 yards

Hole #7 – Par 3 | Handicap 16

A beauty of a hole that requires precision off the tee for the right putt for birdie. There is more green than you think from the tee, so don’t be bashful on your club selection, especially if the pin is back. Favor the right center of the green as everything slopes left. Par is a good score here.
Black Tee: 205 yards
Blue Tee: 176 yards
White Tee: 148 yards
Gold Tee: 138 yards
Red Tee: 116 yards
Green Tee: 88 yards

Hole #8 – Par 5 | Handicap 8

This hole can make or break your front 9. Position off the tee is crucial, as being in the fairway at the top of the will will leave you the best look. Get too aggressive and you may be faced with a tricky second shot with an awkward lie and a carry over water. Your approach is uphill, so make sure you take enough club to get home. Beware, this two-tiered green can give you some difficulties if you are on the wrong tier.
Black Tee: 536 yards
Blue Tee: 507 yards
White Tee: 480 yards
Gold Tee: 437 yards
Red Tee: 427 yards
Green Tee: 240 yards

Hole #9 – Par 4 | Handicap 2

Position, not length, is the key. Find the right center of the fairway and you will have a great look at the green, but beware, the approach is uphill and the green has three distinct sections – front, middle, and back, so choosing the right club is a must. A good birdie hole to finish the front.
Black Tee: 394 yards
Blue Tee: 371 yards
White Tee: 335 yards
Gold Tee: 300 yards
Red Tee: 290 yards
Green Tee: 200 yards

Back Nine

Hole #10 – Par 5 | Handicap 11

Tee it high and let it fly on this reachable Par 5. A long tee shot down the left center just may catch the slope and leave you with an iron for your second shot. Crest of the hill is ideal and will give you a great look at your lay-up. Your approach is all carry to this elevated green, so choose your club accordingly. Nothing builds confidence more than a possible birdie to start the back 9.
Black Tee: 526 yards
Blue Tee: 498 yards
White Tee: 466 yards
Gold Tee: 445 yards
Red Tee: 438 yards
Green Tee: 370 yards

Hole #11 – Par 3 | Handicap 15

A great shot maker’s hole. Depending on the location of the pin, your club selection and shot shape can vary greatly. Par is an excellent score on this hole, and finding the center of the green will increase your odds of doing that significantly.
Black Tee: 226 yards
Blue Tee: 194 yards
White Tee: 175 yards
Gold Tee: 161 yards
Red Tee: 143 yards
Green Tee: 103 yards

Hole #12 – Par 4 | Handicap 5

A good drive down the right center of this fairway will leave you with a great look and short to mid iron in for your approach. Though the hole plays downhill, the green is slightly elevated so play to your yardage. You must avoid missing your approach to the left, so center of the green is ideal if you want a look at birdie here.
Black Tee: 451 yards
Blue Tee: 434 yards
White Tee: 385 yards
Gold Tee: 356 yards
Red Tee: 306 yards
Green Tee: 288 yards

Hole #13 – Par 4 | Handicap 7

The ultimate in risk/reward. Historically the sensible play off the tee is towards the 150-yard marker with a long iron or wood. Longer hitters can cut the corner by flying the trees right in an effort to reach the second half of the fairway, but beware of the creek that cuts across the hole. Whichever you decide, do it with confidence, as there is little room for error. A large undulated green awaits your approach, so par is an excellent score.
Black Tee: 410 yards
Blue Tee: 392 yards
White Tee: 338 yards
Gold Tee: 338 yards
Red Tee: 326 yards
Green Tee: 208 yards

Hole #14 – Par 3 | Handicap 13

This, our signature hole, is picture perfect and awaiting your best shot. A seemingly easy approach is very deceitful from the tee as the green slopes from left to right towards the hazard with much of the surface out of your sight. The proper club selection is a must to avoid disaster here.
Black Tee: 192 yards
Blue Tee: 176 yards
White Tee: 143 yards
Gold Tee: 138 yards
Red Tee: 120 yards
Green Tee: 115 yards

Hole #15 – Par 4 | Handicap 9

One of the narrower holes on the course, direction and not distance will help you navigate this beauty. You must favor the left side off the tee as the fairway slopes to the right. Proper positioning off the tee will leave a great look into this elevated but narrow green. A birdie opportunity awaits those that follow directions.
Black Tee: 410 yards
Blue Tee: 395 yards
White Tee: 355 yards
Gold Tee: 343 yards
Red Tee: 312 yards
Green Tee: 202 yards

Hole #16 – Par 4 | Handicap 1

Our number one handicap hole requires a long, straight tee shot avoiding the grass bunker on the right and sand trap on the left. You’ll need a precise second shot uphill to the green while avoiding the false front and surrounding bunkers. Kidding aside, this hold will challenge even the best golfer’s skill. Par is a great score here.
Black Tee: 440 yards
Blue Tee: 411 yards
White Tee: 388 yards
Gold Tee: 360 yards
Red Tee: 317 yards
Green Tee: 230 yards

Hole #17 – Par 5 | Handicap 17

Your last legitimate birdie chance waits on this downhill dogleg. A good tee shot favoring the center to left-center of the fairway will position you perfectly for your downhill approach to the green. Shorter hitters should lay-up no closer than 100 yards to avoid the trouble that lurks short and right of the green. Be sure to play the hole to your strengths and reap the rewards.
Black Tee: 526 yards
Blue Tee: 494 yards
White Tee: 472 yards
Gold Tee: 465 yards
Red Tee: 437 yards
Green Tee: 337 yards

Hole #18 – Par 4 | Handicap 3

Nothing can put the staple on a round of golf the way a great finishing hole does and that is what you are faced with here. Ideal position off the tee is left center of the fairway where you will be left with a mid to long iron into the double green. Pay close attention to the pin, as you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the green and faced with a tricky two-tiered putt. Birdies are few and far between so par is an excellent way to finish.
Black Tee: 434 yards
Blue Tee: 414 yards
White Tee: 372 yards
Gold Tee: 341 yards
Red Tee: 282 yards
Green Tee: 220 yards