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Golf Course Rules

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Golf Course Rules

Golf rules are for the golfers' safety, ensuring an enjoyable play, maintaining the integrity of the Club, and preserving the course. We appreciate all members and their guests adhering to these rules when using The Neuse Country Club golf course.


  • Divots: Always fill your divots with the sand mix provided. If sand is not readily available, use your shoe to scuff in the edges of the divot
  • Ball Mark: When arriving on the green, immediately repair your ball mark. We appreciate golfers repairing other ball marks if you can without delaying play
  • Bunkers: Always rake bunkers when you finish, and please replace the rakes inside the bunker
  • Children: children under the age of 3 are not allowed on the golf course or practice facilities at any time
  • Pace of Play: Please keep pace with the group in front of you and allow faster groups to play through


Golf Course and Practice Area

  • All Members and their guests must adhere to the Club’s dress code when using the practice facilities or playing on the course
  • Men may wear shirts w/ collars (includes mocks) and sleeves, slacks, and golf shorts up to 4-inches above the knee
  • Men may not wear tank tops, t-shirts, fishnet tops, cut-offs, jams, sweat/wind pants, jeans of any color, bathing suits, gym shorts, tennis shorts, or other athletic shorts more than 4- inches above the knee.
  • Hats and caps must be worn with the bill facing forward
  • Women may wear dresses, skirts, slacks, and golf shorts up to 4-inches above the knee
  • Women may not wear halter tops, tank tops, fishnet tops, cut-offs, bathing suits, sweat/wind pants, or jeans of any color
  • Soft spikes only are allowed on the course


Juniors must adhere to the same dress code as adults. Children under 13 may wear athletic clothes on the course and practice area.